Beginner’s Guide to Remote Control Airplanes Flight

Radio controlled aircraft modeling is one of the most exciting hobbies available. It involves many interests, disciplines, and skills. Some of these are aerodynamics, electronics, mechanics, drafting and design, composite material construction, and woodworking, and these are in the airplane alone. There are many other fields of interest in the hobby of aircraft modeling; far... Continue Reading →


Soar Like a Bird With RC Gliders and Sailplanes

Flying outdoors with your own little glider is both fun and relaxing. RC gliders and sailplanes offer a quieter and cheaper flying experience as opposed to electric or gas powered RC planes. The first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, once said this about gliders. "Gliders, sail planes, they're wonderful flying machines. It's the closet... Continue Reading →

P51 Mustang – Building RC Planes

Modelling the P51 Mustanga guest post by Tony LeGrandWW2 war-birds hold a fascination with most people that love the look of a great aircraft. During this era planes developed from slow flying bi-planes to sleek 400 mile per hour single wing fighters. There is nothing like a war to accelerate the development of aircraft and... Continue Reading →

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